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Best Of 2018: Samite Mulondo And Nekita Waller

Dec 28, 2018

Samite Mulondo went from a refugee camp in Kenya to collaborating with Paul Simon. This year, the musician and Uganda native joined us in the studio to share his story and his music.

Samite escaped violence in his native Uganda in the wake of Idi Amin’s brutal reign and eventually built a successful music career in the U.S. Later in life, Samite traveled to refugee camps around the world to share his music with people who suffered from trauma. He tells his life story in a one-man play “Resilience” that  premiered earlier this year at the University of Saint Joseph.

Plus—did you know Connecticut has a State  Troubadour? This year, Middletown resident and Connecticut native Nekita Waller became the state’s 17th Troubadour. We talk about her background as a performer and learn about the influence she hopes to have over the state’s arts and culture scene.

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  • Samite Mulondo - internationally acclaimed musician and humanitarian. He’s a native of Uganda and the star of a biographical one-man play called “Resilience”. His new album is also titled "Resilience"
  • Nekita Waller - Connecticut’s 17th State Troubadour (@nekitawaller)

Samite performs "Resilience"

Nekita Waller performs "Connecticut Anthem" 

Lydia Brown, Carlos Mejia, Gene Amtruda, and Ryan Caron King contributed to this show. Listen to the original interview with Samite here and Nekita Waller here.