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Bells Ringing Once Again In Belltown

Oct 3, 2012

Matthew Bevin returned to his family's historic bell making business in 2008. It was running at a loss, and Matt's uncle was about to sell the last bell factory in East Hampton.  Bevin, who is a serial entrepreneur in his own right, turned the business around within a year. In 2010 and 2011, Bevin Brothers, a 180 year old five-generation family business, turned a profit. 

Then three months ago the company suffered what seemed like a fatal blow. Its historic factory was reduced to a charred ruin in a fire that was thought to have been started by a lightning strike. Bevin vowed then to rebuild. Within the last few weeks he has made good on that promise -- bells are once again being made in East Hampton.

WNPR's Harriet Jones went to meet with Matt Bevin.