Are You 'October Ready'?

Oct 4, 2018

The postseason proper is upon us!

Baseball has already played four winner-take-all games in three days. The Dodgers and the Brewers won their divisions in a pair of extra, tie-breaking game number 163s. And then the Cubs and the A's saw their seasons end in the two Wild Card Games.

And now we're onto a round of real, full-length, five-game series. The two National League Division Series start today, and the American League's DSes start tomorrow.

And being that one of those AL series pits the 100-win New York Yankees against the 108-win Boston Red Sox -- and being that the Munson-Nixon line for Yankees/Red Sox fandom is right here in Connecticut -- we take a special look at what it means to be a Red Sox fan in Yankee Universe or a Yankees fan in Red Sox Nation.


  • Grant Brisbee - Editor at SB Nation (@GrantBrisbee)
  • Jack Dickey - Staff writer for Sports Illustrated (@jackdickey)
  • Whitney McIntosh - Writer on SB Nation's MLB desk (@WhitneyM02)

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.