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Alone Together Is Still Alone

Jun 5, 2020

There’s a few popular phrases being passed around right now: “You’re not alone.” And, “we’re all in this together.” They’re necessary sentiments. With the recent death of George Floyd, and the continuing COVID-19 crisis, people are feeling lonely. And for those living alone amid the pandemic, the isolation can be really difficult. This hour, we discuss how loneliness affects our mental and physical health. Coming up we hear from those that have experienced periods of solitude, and what they did to fight off the loneliness. 

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  • Jamie Aten  - a psychologist and Founder and Executive of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, Blanchard Chair of Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership (@WheatonHDI)
  • Aspen Matis - author of Girl in the Woods and Your Blue is Not My Blue
  • Dr. Shelley Best - entrepreneur and ordained minister (@RevShelley)