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The All-Star Nose Flies United

Apr 14, 2017

When Dr. David Dau "refused to volunteer" to give up his seat on United Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville earlier this week, aviation police forcibly "re-accommodated" him. And then we had what was maybe the first news cycle since the election that wasn't led by politics.

The Nose finally gets to weigh in, and it's an all-star Nose at that: Rebecca Castellani, Kinky Friedman, and Mellini Kantayya make up the panel.

Other possible topics include:


  • Rebecca Castellani - A scholar of modern literature
  • Kinky Friedman - Singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, and politician
  • Mellini Kantayya - An actor and humorist and the author of Actor. Writer. Whatever. (essays on my rise to the top of the bottom of the entertainment industry) -- her most recent credits include HBO's The Night Of and Marvel's The Defenders streaming this summer on Netflix

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Colin McEnroe and Betsy Kaplan contributed to this show.