With All The National Drama, Who's Paying Attention To The Governor's Race?

Oct 3, 2018

With the nation transfixed on the revelations pouring out of Washington, D.C., how much remaining brain capacity do voters have for Connecticut's governor's race?

It's undoubtedly hard to compete for attention against news cycles dominated by edge-of-your-seat histrionics that could shape the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court for a generation. So this week we set out to bring state politics back into focus.

Former President Barack Obama has endorsed Democrat gubernatorial hopeful, Ned Lamont. But are voters, particularly urban ones, any more likely to turn out to the polls on Nov. 6 as a result?

As for Republican candidate Bob Stefanowski, recent polls suggest he has lackluster support among women. Stefanowski's campaign recently formed a group on women's issues to offset the criticism he received for initially not taking a stance on the Kavanaugh investigation. Will it help?

And should the scorn faced by our current governor for raising taxes be put into greater context? When measuring Dan Malloy against tax increases during previous administrations, is he deserving of repudiation as much as Republicans say?


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