After Two Chemical Spills, Town Official Still Concerned | Connecticut Public Radio

After Two Chemical Spills, Town Official Still Concerned

Oct 14, 2019

Politicians and environmentalists met on the banks of the Farmington River Monday to call for more federal action to regulate a band of toxic chemicals. The call comes following two-high profile accidents at Bradley International Airport.

An accident at a private aircraft hanger in June sent thousands of gallons of contaminated water into the Farmington River. That water contained PFAS, a family of chemicals linked to immune system problems and cancer.

A second incident involving the chemicals happened this month when a B-17 crashed at Bradley killing seven people. PFAS firefighting foam was used to fight the crash fire. 

Windsor Mayor Donald Trinks said there is still a lack of clarity about the long-term impacts of the chemicals.

“We don't know what is in our everyday lives with this,” Trinks said. “If I sound frustrated, I apologize, but I am. We've been host to two chemical spills.”

The FAA requires PFAS foam on hand to fight fires just like the one in October. At a press conference with Trinks, Senator Richard Blumenthal urged the federal government to follow the lead of other countries that have phased out the use of these chemicals. He said the FAA needs to offer more choices.

But earlier this year he FAA said, alternative foams are not as good for fighting fires.