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After The Comey Memo, Before The Coast Guard Address

May 17, 2017

We started this week with revelations that President Trump -- while meeting with Russian officials in the White House -- spilled classified information from a Middle East ally, which we now know to be Israel. This was seen by Israel watchers as a breach of trust, which could endanger its intelligence personnel and increase a threat from Iran,  a close ally to Russia. 

On Wednesday, Russian President Putin said he’d be happy to release transcripts of that meeting -- which is convenient, because Russian media had more access than American media. The incident has been dismissed by the White House, which says Trump’s actions were “wholly appropriate.”

A growing number of Republicans see the next part of the story though, as “wholly inappropriate,” with news on Tuesday that Trump leaned on former FBI director Comey to halt an investigation into former National Security Advisor Flynn’s ties to Russia. Trump, of course, later fired Comey.

Did we mention Trump’s coming to Connecticut to speak at the Coast Guard Academy? This hour, we preview his speech.

And we discuss a lower-stakes but still ugly battle over the state budget in Hartford. 


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