Aetna Calls HIV Mistake "Unacceptable" | Connecticut Public Radio

Aetna Calls HIV Mistake "Unacceptable"

Aug 25, 2017

Health insurer Aetna has admitted it inadvertently revealed the HIV status of some of its customers in a paper mailing last month. 

The letter, sent to the plan holders, detailed medication options under Aetna’s plans, but the beginning of the text was visible through the clear window on the envelope. 

Aetna has blamed the problem on a vendor that handled the mailing, but the Hartford-based company called the mistake "unacceptable," and said it's begun a review of its processes.

The AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania has contacted the insurer on behalf of some of those affected. Aetna confirmed the mailing was sent to about 12,000 customers.

Growth Hopes Wane In New Survey

Concern about the state’s budget appears to be affecting business confidence in Connecticut. The Connecticut Business and Industry Association said in its latest survey, just 29 percent of those who responded have a positive growth outlook for their companies.

That metric is down from 37 percent in the first quarter.

However, the number who expect business conditions to remain stable has increased, to 57 percent. The number of companies intending to increase their workforce ticked downward to 23 percent.

New Lotto Board Appointment

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation has a new board chair. Donald DeFronzo was named to the post by Governor Dannel Malloy on Thursday.

DeFronzo teaches at Central Connecticut State University, and is a previous commissioner of the state’s Department of Administrative Services.

He takes over at the lottery as it attempts to right itself from a number of controversies. The latest came with an investigation into cheating by retailers, found to be skimming winnings from one of the lotto’s games.