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Addicted to Food

Apr 25, 2011

Cocaine v. Chocolate Milkshake? Could there be a similarity?  

One Yale researcher says that addictions to both food and drugs have similar reactions on the brain. Using an MRI, participants’ brains were scanned while looking at and eating a chocolate milkshake.

In our “addiction” obsessed society, seemingly every social and personal problem raises the question, “is he an addict?”  But how seriously should we take “food addiction?”

Self described “food addict” and author Michael Prager says we should take this very seriously.  He says his life was turned around by employing the practices and treatments that have been helping alcoholics and other addicts - and by doing so he’s finally kept off the weight he’d been struggling to lose for most of his life.

Today, we’ll explore this new research and talk to food addict Michael Prager, author of Fat Boy, Thin Man.