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Robyn Doyon-Aitken

Senior Producer

Robyn has produced The Faith Middleton Food Schmooze® since November 2015. Before that, she ate her way through the previous seven years of Fine Cooking magazine while a web producer for In addition to helping Faith and the gang sound great on the radio every week, Robyn engages The Food Schmooze® community on Facebook and attempts to try every local ice cream parlor, breakfast spot, and wine shop Food Schmooze listeners recommend in their comments. Robyn lives in Cheshire with three perpetually hungry people, two of whom are children.

Are there any lessons we can learn from last night? Probably not. The predicted trends, like “The Trump Effect” didn’t really emerge. The state was split between Republican and Democratic victories.

Chion Wolf / Connecticut Public Radio

A battle over campaign lawn signs? Dueling opinion pieces about how great or terrible our state is? Big questions about how we’ll keep our population or lose it to those states down south? It sounds like your typical Wednesday in Connecticut. 

Chion Wolf / Connecticut Public Radio

The language of politics--of America, really--has gotten quite a bit uglier over the last few years. And the last few weeks in Connecticut are a case in point. Female political leaders from both major parties faced online insults and threats, and prompted a call from the governor and others for a more civil tone.