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Lori is a reporter for WNPR.

She came to WNPR after working as News Operations Coordinator for WCBS Radio in New York City, covering stories for one of the nation's largest AM news stations. She went on to work as a reporter and afternoon news anchor with WWYZ and WATR in Waterbury, Connecticut. Lori also helped to start a morning drive show for the Fox News Radio Network in New York.

She lives in Branford with her daughter.

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Thomas Breen / New Haven Independent

Protestors in New Haven are demanding answers after a woman was shot and injured in the city. State police are investigating the incident from early Tuesday morning, which involved police officers from Hamden and Yale. 

Adam Walker Cleaveland/flickr creative commons

The Connecticut state Judiciary Committee passed a bill this week that could make prison phone calls free.

Michael Fischer / Creative Commons

Connecticut lawmakers voted to advance three bills that would legalize the retail sale and possession of recreational marijuana Monday.

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

After several twists and turns it appears that Demetrius Anderson will not have to serve a 16-month federal sentence years after being released from prison. 

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

Demetrius Anderson was getting ready for work last week when several U.S. marshals showed up at his apartment door.

"Phyllis Porter Place Setting" by Lisette from the series Shared Dining, by Women of York.
Susan Meiselas / Three Guineas Fund Project

A traveling art exhibit, created by a group of women incarcerated at Connecticut’s York Correctional Institution, is now on view at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford. 

Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

Authorities in Boston announced charges Tuesday in an alleged large-scale college bribery scheme.

Prosecutors said dozens of people have been charged in what federal officials are calling the biggest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Justice Department. 

Lori Mack / Connecticut Public Radio

For almost two decades no federal dollars have been allocated to researching the effects of gun violence. But there are moves afoot to change that. 

Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

Connecticut U.S. representatives are pushing for a legal clarification that would allow farmers, starting this year, to grow hemp, a non-intoxicating form of cannabis, which has been grouped with marijuana as an illegal Schedule 1 drug. 

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

Connecticut court recording monitors are fighting proposed changes to the system that they say will put at risk both their jobs and the integrity of the court system. 

CHION WOLF / CT Public Radio

The Department of Justice and the state of Connecticut have a plan for how they’ll share information about deceased voters -- an attempt to make sure voter rolls are accurate. 

Lori Mack / Connecticut Public Radio

The New Haven Police Department lost 49 officers to retirement or better paying jobs in 2018. So far, the department has lost 10 this year. Police Chief Anthony Campbell makes 11. 

Lawmakers, law enforcement, and community organizers gathered in Bridgeport on Thursday to discuss youth violence.
Ryan Lindsay / Connecticut Public Radio

In the wake of a series of shootings involving teen shooters and victims, two Connecticut cities are outlining plans to address youth gun violence. 

Michelle Lee / Creative Commons

Senate Democrats rolled out a legislative agenda for what they’re calling “A Just Connecticut” in the 2019 legislative session. 

Lori Mack / Connecticut Public Radio

The New Haven Police Department has been struggling to recruit new officers and retain experienced cops. The department has lost dozens of officers to retirement or better-paying positions in nearby towns. On Thursday, the agency promoted 11 members of the department to new positions. But the next day, the police chief stepped down for a new job.

Lori Mack / Connecticut Public Radio

A startup biotechnology company out of Yale University is concerned that the government shutdown will have an impact on a new drug they’ve been working on. 

A bedroom in the intake unit of the Connecticut Juvenile Training School in November 2015.
Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

A new report is raising serious concerns about conditions for young people incarcerated or detained in Connecticut facilities.

Ryan Caron King / CT Public Radio

Outgoing governor Dannel Malloy has received mixed reviews over the last eight years. His approval rating has made him one of the least popular governors in state history. But many see the democratic governor’s changes to the criminal justice system as his greatest success. 

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

Police said a 12-year-old boy shot and killed in Bridgeport Tuesday night was an innocent bystander.

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

ShotSpotter is a gunshot detection system, which uses a combination of sensors to determine the location of gunfire. Bridgeport has become the latest Connecticut city to roll out the technology. 

Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

It's a fall Monday morning in New Haven, Connecticut, and Officer Christian Bruckhart has lost track of how many calls he has had. He thinks it has been six. Maybe seven.

Kristin Song on the steps of First Congregational Church in Guilford.
Lori Mack / Connecticut Public Radio

The parents of a Guilford teen who accidentally shot and killed himself at a friend’s house in January are pushing for a change to Connecticut’s gun laws. 

Damian Bariexca/flickr creative commons

Several child advocacy groups warn that some apps targeted at small children are potentially dangerous and costly. 

Lori Mack / CT Public Radio

Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest travel time of the year - when millions of people hit the roads, skies, waterways, and the rail system. 

Lori Mack / Connecticut Public Radio

In their first full week following the election, Democratic Governor-elect Ned Lamont and Lieutenant Governor-elect Susan Bysiewicz announced the members of their Transition Steering Committee Thursday. 

Armando Herreria

In theory, anyone who’s eligible but not registered in the state of Connecticut can register to vote the day of an election and cast a provisional ballot. But it’s a three-step process which takes some time, and that was the stumbling block for New Haven during Tuesday's election.

The U.S.-Mexico border fence near El Paso, Texas.
Office of Representative Phil Gingrey / Wikimedia

Thousands of migrants from Central America are making their way to the U.S. border. The publicity over the caravan has prompted President Donald Trump to stir up fears over immigration. But one refugee resettlement organization is encouraging people to look beyond the headlines. 

Credit: Charles Williams (Flickr) / Creative Commons

A new opioid tracking program reports an average of 42 overdoses a month in a section of Hartford.

tanjila ahmed (Flickr) / Creative Commons

Connecticut businesses are facing some interesting challenges around how to deal with employees who use legal medical marijuana.