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Bruce Barber


For almost thirty years, Bruce has been known to radio audiences for his pop culture commentary and “off-kilter” sense of humor. As half of the the top-rated “Smith and Barber The Morning Show” on WPLR-FM in New Haven, Connecticut (a show he helped create), Bruce entertained thousands of listeners every morning.

These days, Bruce is serious about his work as an independent producer for Connecticut Public Radio. He hosts WNPR’s weeknight and Saturday morning programs, and is the creator of “The Real Life Survival Guide."

Bruce Barber

We mourned the passing of a New Haven institution in episode 2, and we wish Dieter and the gang at Richter’s the best of luck.

We chose Richter’s because a.) I’ve been going there for years, and b.) at the end of Episode 1, while wandering Chapel Street, we decided to record at Richter’s – only to find out they were closing. Duo saw it’s demise as a metaphor for the shift from face to face conversation to the decidedly ethereal relationships we’ve cultivated on Facebook and Twitter.

Bruce Barber

The Real Life Survival Guide Radio Show returned to the airwaves this afternoon at 4:30 on WNPR. The first big difference from season 1 (November 2007 – June 2008): I have a cohost! 

His name is Duo Dickinson. He’s an architect, author, self proclaimed “swamp yankee” and committed family man. Duo is also much smarter than I am, and trust me when I tell you that this is high praise coming from me, the world’s greatest narcissist. He’s a natural performer, can turn a phrase with the best of them, and represents one of the great blessings of this endeavor.