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Relax sports broadcasters, robots aren't coming for your job. At least not yet.

"The human aspect is important," said Greg Lee, a recent Ph.D. graduate in computer science from the University of Alberta. Dr. Lee recounted how, while watching baseball on TV, he stumbled upon Vin Scully, the Hall of Fame sportscaster now in his 59th season as the voice of the L.A. Dodgers.

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The Ironman triathlon: a 2.4-mile open-water swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26-mile marathon run—all completed in seventeen hours or less. For some, that demonstration of stamina and will is a life-defining goal. Jacques Steinberg’s You Are an Ironman follows six hobbyist tri-athletes through their grueling preparation and the suspense of completing each event of the Ford Ironman Arizona 2009. Steinberg joins us.

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American thinking about race has not caught up with American thinking about race.

Cheaters Gonna Cheat

Aug 7, 2012

What is cheating? In games, It takes myriad forms. There's the spontaneous cheating that mainly tests the watchfulness and judgment of the officials. How much can I push you or nudge you with my elbow? Can anybody see this cheap shot to your face as we football linemen hunker down before the snap?

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When Oscar Pistorius runs, it seems like a miracle that he can run at all on those j-shaped carbon blades.

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Most major league players have a lot of stories to tell. But Steve Blass might have more than most. He went from a skinny prospect in the tiny Connecticut town of Falls Village to become the star pitcher on a World Series team, where he befriended a baseball icon.

Title IX

Jun 25, 2012
Chion Wolf

Title IX is 40 years old this week...and slowly over that time, it’s meant a big boost in Women’s athletics.

Just to give you some idea - there are nearly 10 times as many high school girls playing organized sports today as there were the year the law went into effect. At the college level, nearly half of the athletic scholarships go to female athletes.

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Late last week it looked certain that Hartford's last remaining duckpin bowling center would close, as its owner faced mounting expenses and changing priorities. But one day after a last ditch effort to save Highland Bowl failed, the historic business experienced a dramatic turnaround. WNPR's J Holt was there.

Native American Mascot Controversy

Jun 21, 2012
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We’ve got the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Hall High Warriors. So what’s in a name?

Hall High School in West Hartford has decided to change their logo, which previously depicted a profile view of a Native American. They will still be known as the “Warriors,” but without the Native American connection.

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Today, the Traveler’s Championship week kicks off in Connecticut. It was known for years as the Greater Hartford Open...the GHO. It’s always raised lots of money for charities and always attracted thousands of visitors. But on a few occasions in its history, it has almost gone away. The corporate community stepped in once again - with a local title sponsor - and the tournament is expected to mean nearly $30 million to the local economy.

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Three stars in their fields sit down for interesting conversation—interior designer Bunny Williams, sports essayist Frank Deford, and flutist Ransom Wilson.

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Some weeks are inexplicably more scandalous than others.

This week began with a probe into millions of dollars in apparent bribes by Walmart officials in Mexico. And sitting alongside it was the slime spreading across the reputation of the Secret Service as more reports of strippers and club hijinks trickled in from all over the globe.