Tunnel Visions During A Week Of Infrastructure

Jun 6, 2017

President Donald Trump is announcing a series of plans during what he’s calling Infrastructure Week. One proposal would privatize air traffic controllers. Trump will visit the Ohio River on Wednesday and talk about the value of investing in inland waterway infrastructure.

It just so happens there are big infrastructure plans underway in Hartford, too.

Connecticut Rep. John Larson is pitching an ambitious plan to tunnel two major highways under Hartford, and to rebuild the levees along the Connecticut River that prevent annual spring flooding.

In the Connecticut legislature, Larson’s grand plan took a step forward. His brother, state Senator Tim Larson, proposed a bill that would allow the state DOT to consider federal funds to build the tunnels. It passed the Senate on Friday night, 30 to 6.

During a visit to WNPR, Larson said he thinks he can build a case that there is already ample federal investment in the area. And that investment warrants making his plan a high priority item under the new rules of the Trump administration.

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