Talk Around Guns Continues in Congress and the Supreme Court Closes Out the Session

Jun 29, 2016

Gunfire and three blasts at the airport in Istanbul yesterday left at least 40 people dead and hundreds wounded. It’s yet another strike against Turkey, a country that's on the front lines of a migration crisis and a war against terrorists. Some U.S. lawmakers, meanwhile are trying to make it harder for those on the terror watch list to get guns, including House Democrats who staged the latest high-profile demonstration last week. But that other issue, migration, was the key to the victory of the "Leave" campaign in the United Kingdom, as they voted to exit the E.U. 

This hour on The Wheelhouse, we also discuss several decisions coming out of the Supreme Court, a stadium debacle in Hartford (no, not that stadium, the other stadium), and a string of drug overdoses in New Haven.


  • Khalilah Brown-Dean - Associate professor of political science at Quinnipiac University
  • Paul Bass - Editor of the New Haven Independent
  • Matt Kauffman - Investigative reporter for the Hartford Courant

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