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Storytelling With Matthew Dicks

Sep 9, 2015

Caroline Jacobs is a grown woman with children of her own. But by all accounts, she's a wimp. She would prefer to suffer in silence than stand up for herself or anyone else -- until she couldn't stand it anymore.  

One night, while at a public meeting and in a crowded room, she stood up, pointed her finger at the one she loathed, and shouted "F%$# You" to her nemesis. With that one phrase, she was ready to face her past. 

This is how The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobsthe latest book by Matthew Dicks begins. Matt is a master storyteller, writer, and teacher who uses the events of his life to understand where he's been. He's an 18-time Moth StorySLAM champion who spins the nuggets of his life into lessons that sometimes render his audience speechless. 



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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.