The Scramble Wonders: How Can We Respond to Hate Speech?

Nov 28, 2016

The charged language used by President-elect Donald Trump this election season may have emboldened people with open hostility toward blacks, gay people, Muslims, Mexicans, Jews, and women.

How do we respond to incidents of hate and people who feel emboldened to hate? How do we teach our children to respond? How do we begin to see bigotry through a wider lens?

Also this hour: President-elect Trump has real estate, management and branding business interests in at least 18 countries, including an outstanding loan with Germany's Deutsche Bank, which is currently under investigation by the United States Justice Department for housing crisis abuses that contributed to the 2008 financial recession.

Trump expressed the sentiment that he cares more about the country than his company during last week's interview with editors from the New York TimesHe also made clear that theoretically, he could run both his business and the country "perfectly" without legal hurdles to prevent it. 

Lastly, Bill Curry talks about his personal encounter with Fidel Castro. 


  • Drew Harwell - Business reporter at the Washington Post. 
  • Jennifer Kaalund - Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Iona College.
  • Bill Curry - Columnist for Salon.com and the Daily Beast

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Colin McEnroe, Chion Wolf and Josh Nilaya contributed to this show.