Richard Dreyfuss, Live from TheaterWorks

Nov 4, 2016

He's an Academy Award winner, a Golden Globe winner, a BAFTA Award winner.

He's the star of American Graffiti, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, What About Bob?, Mr. Holland's Opus, W., Madoff, and many more movies and TV shows.

He's the founder of The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative.

And he's currently playing Albert Einstein in Relativity at TheaterWorks.

Taped on stage in front of a packed house: An hour with Richard Dreyfuss.

For completeness's sake, here's the full-length, uncensored, only lightly edited audio of the event as it happened. The radio/podcast version is rearranged and more than 41 minutes shorter than the audio below.


  • Richard Dreyfuss¬†- Academy Award winner

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Colin McEnroe, Betsy Kaplan, Catie Talarski, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.