Refugee Organization Invites Trump To New Haven

Nov 22, 2016
Originally published on November 23, 2016 4:25 pm

The leader of a refugee resettlement agency in New Haven told a group of elected officials and Jewish and Muslim community leaders on Tuesday that he wants President-elect Donald Trump to visit.

Chris George, executive director of New Haven-based Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, says, “We’re inviting the president-elect to come to our office, sit down, have a cup of coffee and meet refugees face to face, hear their stories, understand why they had to flee their home countries, why they’ve come to this great country for opportunities, for freedom, for safety, for the future of their children. All the things that make this country great.”

George says he has not been able to reach Trump’s transition team directly, but is trying to extend a formal invitation.

He says he is concerned that Trump says he would consider halting the refugee program that would resettle families from Syria.

In the past year, 60 Syrian families have settled in Connecticut.

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