Purdue Pharma To End Marketing Of Oxycontin

Feb 12, 2018

Purdue Pharma, the Stamford-based maker of Oxycontin, says it will no longer be marketing its bestselling opioid to physicians. 

As the opioid addiction crisis has worsened in recent years, Purdue Pharma has found itself the target of multiple lawsuits from states, counties and cities all over the U.S., including several in Connecticut, seeking damages to cover the cost of overdose and addiction treatment.

Most of those lawsuits allege the Stamford company was deceptive in the way that it marketed Oxycontin, downplaying the risks of addiction, and overstating the drug’s benefits.

In response to each of the lawsuits against it, Purdue has denied the allegations, but it has also settled some suits for multi-million dollar figures.

In a surprise statement issued at the weekend, Purdue now says it will stop promoting opioids to doctors altogether, and that it will cut its sales force in half, to about 200 representatives.

That remaining workforce will focus on promoting other non-opioid drugs, and doctors who have questions about opioid use will be directed to Purdue’s medical affairs department.