Our (Almost) Annual Show Live From BIFF

Jun 2, 2017

Hello. Hello? Anybody home? Think, McFly, think!

Oh, wait. Not that Biff. This BIFF: The Berkshire International Film Festival.

We try to do a show live from the Berkshires every year. Last year, we missed the Film Festival and went to Shakespeare and Company instead. This year, we're back, and America's Greatest Living Film Critic and and an all-star panel of guests join us!


  • David Edelstein - America's Greatest Living Film Critic
  • Kelley Vickery - Director & Founder of the Berkshire International Film Festival
  • Christy McGill - Producer of "Serenade for Haiti"
  • Lee Slimmer - Director/Writer of "CREEDMORIA"
  • Lara Stolman - Director/Producer of "Swim Team"

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Colin McEnroe, Eugene Amatruda, Betsy Kaplan, Catie Talarski, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.