The Nose on the New Leonard Cohen and The Run-Up's Trump Tapes

Oct 28, 2016

Leonard Cohen's 14th studio album, You Want It Darker, dropped last Friday. Coupled with a new David Remnick profile of Cohen in The New Yorker, the reviews have been pretty gushing. The Nose's take isn't quite as one-note.

And then: We're sorry. We apologize. We desperately wanted to do nothing even remotely related to the election on this Nose. But then we ran into The Run-Up podcast's Trump tapes. And they aren't, really, political. We swear. They're more about, like, art...and psychology. And they're fascinating.


  • Bill Curry - Playing himself
  • Irene Papoulis - Teaches writing at Trinity College
  • Brian Slattery - Arts editor for the New Haven Independent and a producer at WNHH radio

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.