The Nose Goes To The Vatican With Jude Law

Jan 27, 2017

HBO's new limited series "The Young Pope" gives us Jude Law as the Pope. A young one, you see. On the face of it, and in its previews and trailers and such, the show seems... ridiculous? Is maybe the right word? Or maybe it just seems sort of Twin Peaksian, but set at the Vatican. Of course, ridiculous vs. Twin Peaksian is kind of a fine -- and super important -- distinction.

Also this week: The Oscar nominations are out. And a "Saturday Night Live" writer gets suspended for a joke she made on Twitter. And Mary Tyler Moore dies at age 80.


  • Rebecca Castellani - A scholar of modern literature
  • Taneisha Duggan - Producing associate at Theater Works
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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.