New Haven Coach Brings Health And Happiness To Women And Their Families

Apr 23, 2018

Watching her mother’s battle with diabetes fueled one Connecticut resident’s passion for health and fitness.

This hour, New Haven-based author and entrepreneur Mubarakah Ibrahim joins us.

We talk about her upcoming book, mR40 method, and learn about her unique journey as a wellness coach and Muslim-American. 

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  • Mubarakah Ibrahim - Health and happiness coach based in New Haven, Connecticut (@balancefitness)


HuffPost: Fat Trap: Environment, Access, and Opportunity - "Like blaming people for their economic situation by assuming they have no job because they are lazy or they are on welfare by choice, often people believe poor people are overweight because they choose to be. However, obesity itself multilayered combination of several things that cause, effect, and interconnect factors that lead to obesity."