Murphy Alarmed By Trump's State Department Move

Mar 13, 2018

After President Donald Trump fired Rex Tillerson Tuesday morning in a tweet and nominated the head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo to replace him, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy said Americans should be alarmed.

Murphy told Connecticut Public Radio that even though he believes Rex Tillerson wasn’t the right man for the job, he’s worried by the secretary of state’s abrupt firing, and by news of his replacement.

“[Pompeo] has no history in diplomacy -- just like Rex Tillerson,” Murphy said. “It just appears as if Pompeo may be getting the job because he’s much more likely to say yes to President Trump.”

Murphy said he’ll give Pompeo a shot to prove he can do the job during the upcoming Senate confirmation process, but he would have rather seen a more experienced diplomat get the nod.

“The president is the first in the history of the country to have no government experience and no history representing the United States with other countries, and now he’s asking yet another person to take the helm of the state department who has never done diplomacy,” Murphy said.

Meanwhile Senator Richard Blumenthal tweeted his displeasure with the move.

Blumenthal worries that America’s credibility is diminishing with the changing out of policymakers and inconsistency inside the Trump White House.