Meet The Candidates: Steve Obsitnik

Jul 24, 2018

This hour, we sit down with Republican gubernatorial contender Steve Obsitnik.

What drove the Westport-based veteran and businessman to enter the race? What kind of future does he envision for the state and its residents?

We find out and we also hear from you. 

Later, political experts Ben Mallet and Bilal Sekou provide analysis of our interview and tell us what they will be watching for in the weeks leading up to August 14

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Hartford Business Journal: Obsitnik wants to be 'COO of Connecticut' - "With a promise to 'Reinvent Connecticut,' Obsitnik's platform is focused on economic growth and job creation. The centerpiece of the plan is the creation of 300,000 new jobs in the state within eight years."

Hartford Courant: GOP's Obsitnik Finally Finally Qualifies For Public Financing - "Obsitnik will receive $1.35 million in public funds with less than one month remaining before the August 14 primary."

Chion Wolf and Carlos Mejia contributed to this show.