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March Madness 2013

Mar 21, 2013

Every year, I say March Madness cannot get any more elaborate, and every year, I am wrong. This year, for example, the sports site Deadspin provides a meta-bracket, which allows you to click on games and see the outcome predicted by Nate Silver, Barack Obama, and five actual basketball experts - And yes, I listed Nate Silver first intentionally.

One of our annual March Madness guests, Bill Curry, says that just as war is the way Americans learn geography, the yearly bracket is the way people learn about colleges that would otherwise remain obscure. Everybody knows all about Gonzaga now - How about before 1999?

One of this year's odd appearances was by Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell. Liberty already lost in the so-called "First Four" to North Carolina A&T, which sounds vaguely like a phone company.

Today, we'll hear from NPR's Mike Pesca, Bill Curry, Julia Pistell, John Gallagher (the head coach of the Hartford Hawks Basketball team), and Fr. Richard Ryscavage - a Jesuit priest and the director of Fairfield's Center for Faith and Public Life.

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