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Leveling the Playing Field on Education and Health Care

All this week, the University of Hartford has hosted events marking the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. The programs have been designed to encourage reflection on what was accomplished back then, as a way to ask ourselves, “what can we do now?”

This hour, we hear from a panel discussion hosted by WNPR's Diane Orson called Leveling the Playing Field about disparities in access to education and health care. We talk about how Connecticut’s teachers, administrators, and health care professionals can better respond to the needs of the diverse communities they serve.


  • Beth Bye, State Senator 
  • Karen D'Angelo, Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences at the University of Connecticut
  • Gislaine Ngounou, Chief of Staff at Hartford Public Schools
  • Kenny Nienhusser, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Hartford
  • Marie Spivey, Vice President of Health Equity, Connecticut Hospital Association
  • John Tapper, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, University of Hartford