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How Healthy Is Connecticut?

Our third Health Equity Forum is a project we’ve been working on for a few years now with our partners at Connecticut Health Foundation, exploring the idea of health equity in Connecticut. How do we make sure that everyone has the best possible health outcomes regardless of race, regardless of how much money you have?

It’s a tricky issue for policy makers, which is why we’re so glad to have as the basis for our conversation a new set of information called the Connecticut Health Care Survey. Six organizations came together to put out this report, which is drawn from some 5400 households interviewed. 

What does it tell us? One of the major themes is that even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, there’s still a long way to go for everyone in our state to get the access they need. That’s because of cost, but also information, cultural barriers, and just simple communication.

We also find out what the survey says about the health of our children. We talk with researchers and health care experts, and hear the stories of Connecticut residents, asking, how healthy is Connecticut?


  • Jack Hoadley - Georgetown Health Policy Institute analyst
  • Jeanette Ickovics - Yale School of Public Health Professor of Epidemiology and of Psychology; Director, Community Alliance for Research & Engagement (CARE)
  • Rev. Dr. Shelley Best - President and CEO of the Conference of Churches 
  • Lisa Honigfeld - Children’s Fund of Connecticut and author of children’s policy brief. Vice President for Health Initiatives, Child Health and Development Institute 
  • Evelyn Richardson - Mother and community advocate/organizer in Hartford’s Clay Arsenal neighborhood
  • Dr. Robert Zavoski - Pediatrician and Medical Director of the Connecticut Department of Social Services and past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Connecticut chapter