Doug Jones Takes Alabama; GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Stack Up

Dec 13, 2017

Last night saw the unlikeliest of upsets in Alabama. Democrat Doug Jones, propelled by a big turnout from the state's urban and suburban voters, very narrowly defeated Republican Roy Moore in a special election that could have big consequences in Washington - and even in Connecticut. 

Leave out for a minute any analysis of what this means as a referendum on Trumpian politics, or the race for congress in 2018, this win by Jones could mean that Republicans’ tax bill is in jeopardy. 

This hour, we talk about the impact of this election, and look ahead to Connecticut’s race for Governor. We’ve been considering the Democratic candidates, what about the GOP?


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of WNPR's Colin McEnroe Show 
  • Liz Kurantowicz - Republican political analyst 
  • Bilal Sekou - Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Hartford 

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