Connecticut Schools To Receive Federal Money For Evacuee Students

Aug 14, 2018

School districts in Connecticut that took in evacuees in the wake of Hurricane Maria will receive $10.6 million in federal aid from the United States Department of Education. The money is the long-awaited funding that will be used to help schools that took in students from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Charlene Russell-Tucker, the chief operating officer of the Connecticut Department of Education, said the department is in the process of distributing the award after it came down Monday and that should take a few weeks.

“This federal funding is really providing mechanisms to reimburse districts for their costs last year,” Russell-Tucker said.

The money will be given to districts based on the schools’ count of how many students they took in. Districts will receive $10,000 for each student with a disability, $9,000 for each student designated as an English-language learner, and $8,500 for others.