Confronting Hate: Tolerance, Intolerance, And The Rise Of White Nationalism

Aug 22, 2017

How do you confront hate?

This hour, we dive into this resurgent — and unfortunate — reality. Should we tolerate hate? Or should we be intolerant? Do we fight hate with more hatred, or something else? We talk about all this, along with the recent incidents in Charlottesville and Boston.

We begin by looking back at our nation’s civil war to try to understand the deep divides that remain in our country and why extremist white nationalist groups remain visible today.

We learn about the Antifa or anti-fascist movement and we discuss whether violence can ever be an acceptable response to hatred and bigotry.

And later, Germany may have something to teach us about responding to extremism. We learn about a German town that got creative in its response to a neo-Nazi march.


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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.