Big Questions On Health Care Overhaul, GOP, And The State Budget

Aug 2, 2017

Can you believe President Trump’s transgender military ban "tweetstorm" was one week ago today? That attempt at tweets-as-policy-change didn’t quite work, and was soon overshadowed by John McCain’s rogue “thumbs down” on the critical GOP health care vote.  And as soon as we got used to the foul-mouthed Anthony Scaramucci, he’s out. 

This hour, we look into what’s next for a health care overhaul, and do some GOP soul searching with Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who has a new book about the future of his party. He said in an NPR interview that he's "very troubled about where the Republican Party is now."

In Connecticut, it was a tie break by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman that settled a $1.5 billion labor agreement. The state budget is still up in the air, and it’s affecting cities and towns. In Torrington, they’ve delayed the start of school to save money.

All this, and UConn’s $32 million deal with Nike.


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