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Beyond Conjunction Junction: A Conversation with Bob Dorough

Sep 9, 2014

Bob Dorough.
Credit Mind Meal / Wikimedia Commons

You're about to meet a very special guy. There's a good chance you already know him, if you were in the generational cohort whose lives were enriched by Schoolhouse Rock. More than any other person, Bob Dorough put his unique musical stamp on that show and its offerings. But Bob Dorough is so much more.

First of all, he's ninety, and he's still touring as a musician. I want to know what he eats. Dorough is also part of a less celebrated group of songwriters who kept producing new works for jazz and cabaret singers after Berlin, Arlen, Kern, Gershwin, Porter and Rodgers stopped writing music. The American songbook kept growing, as Dorough, David Frishberg, Alec Wilder, Fran Landesman, and others continued to write memorable songs. And Bob is just a great guy with some very good stories about everybody from Miles Davis to Sugar Ray Robinson. I promise you, you'll like this show.

Catch Bob live at the Metropolitan Learning Center in Bloomfield, Connecticut on September 18th at 7pm. Ticket prices and donations will benefit The South African Student Field Study project.

Here's a lovely voice singing one of Bob's songs.

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  • Bob Dorough is a pianist, singer, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer, known for his works with Miles Davis and Schoolhouse Rock