Alexion Opens New Haven Global Headquarters

Mar 1, 2016

Alexion focuses on treatments for rare diseases.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals said it will have 1,000 workers at its new headquarters building in New Haven by the end of this month. Connecticut’s most successful homegrown bioscience company, Alexion showed off its global headquarters Monday. 

The $100 million facility is one of the cornerstones of the city’s Downtown Crossing Development. Alexion is returning to its roots with the move.

It began as a startup founded by a professor from Yale, but as it expanded and became more successful, the company moved to Cheshire. Now, lured by state incentives, as well as a growing bioscience concentration around Yale-New Haven Hospital, it will take up its new headquarters at 100 College Street.

CEO David Hallal said they expect to bring more drugs to market from their new base.

"Our employees are already enjoying the rich experiences that the city has to offer," he told a crowd assembled for the opening ceremony. "We are pleased to be stimulating the New Haven-based biotech industry, and look forward to being an active part of the community."

Alexion focuses on treatments for rare diseases. The drug that began its success is Soliris, now approved to treat two different conditions.

Founder Dr. Leonard Bell said returning to New Haven is a natural step.

"I'm very pleased that the tiny Alexion of 1992 is now the thriving 3,000 employee, multi-national biopharmaceutical firm helping patients in over 50 countries around the world," he said. "The Alexion of 2016 is in the position to come back to New Haven and help our city grow to its next level."

Monday’s official opening happened on Rare Disease Day. Alexion had on hand several patients and their families who have been helped by the company’s medications.