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After the Shutdown: Democracy and Economic Policy

Oct 24, 2013

Credit BoredWithACamera, Creative Commons

UConn Philosophy professor Michael Lynch wrote in a recent New York Times opinion piece, that we’re living in a “dangerous political moment.” Not just because of the shutdown of the federal government and the near default on the nation’s debts, but he writes: “The real damage is caused by the idea that that our current democratic form of government should be shuttered.” That a large segment of the population might think government really is a bad idea. 

Lynch worries that this could mean “the idea that we are all in this together can vanish.”

This hour, Lynch joins us for a big conversation about democracy, after the shutdown.  We'll also talk to Wesleyan economist Richard Grossman who says we can learn a lot from past economic disasters. He's the author of WRONG: Nine Economic Policy Disasters and What We Can Learn from Them.